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Discover the sea
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What is hospitality for Bagni Tiberio?

Welcoming customers and making them feel at home: this is the mission that has always been pursued by the beach club.

“There is a fundamental value on which any service provided by accommodation, catering or tourist facilities should always be based. This value is hospitality: in order to be 100% satisfied, customers should feel more like home than just being satisfied.  

For us at Bagni Tiberio, hospitality counts more than anything else. In fact, it is in its very DNA: the beach club was born at the beginning of the 1900’s and has remained active uninterruptedly until today, facing the season of the 1960’s, years in which knowing how to welcome and value every single tourist was truly a priority for Capri and for those who worked in this sector.

Today, unfortunately, very often the importance of these attentions is put on the back burner, accomplices are the “name” that the island now wears, which makes it possible to achieve excellent results in terms of attendance with minimal effort.

For us, however, these speeches are not valid: people must still be pampered, they must feel rewarded for choosing a certain type of service over another.

What does hospitality mean to us? Well, we are certainly talking about a big and complex word, which acquires different meanings depending on who pronounces it and who means it. Hospitality for us means making those who pass through our establishment feel like family, as if they were at home, making them eat well…. it’s a combination of things that must make customers, when they leave, feel the desire to come back.

Ours is a clientele of all types: we are frequented by many people from Capri, people from the rest of Naples, but also foreign tourists. One of our distinguishing features is the fact that we care a great deal about our island clients; and working with local people means having to keep the quality of the services we provide even higher. In order to satisfy our varied clientele, it becomes crucial to make them feel at home: every part of the establishment, including the bar and the kitchen, speaks of us who work in it, and it’s a language that those who frequent it cannot help but feel familiar.

On Capri, in recent decades, tourism has soared, and I think that we on the island have adapted to these huge flows; in our opinion, however, the priority must still be that the client is valued, that he or she is given the best attention, focusing not only on quantity but above all on quality.


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