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Discover the sea
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Coping with setbacks: a quality of the staff at Bagni Tiberio


When organizing an event, the unexpected is always just around the corner: what needs to be done to successfully accomplish the objective?

Every event manager knows that not everything always goes as planned: in those cases, it is essential to have a plan b that allows you to still bring home a great result. The management of an event held at Bagni Tiberio can give us an example of this. It was a wedding party of a couple from Capri; it was a splendid evening, which left the bride with great satisfaction both in terms of the food and the general organization… But not everything went smoothly as planned!


“Luigi and Masha,” says Carmine, “decided to hold their wedding party at Bagni Tiberio.

And although the popular saying goes, ‘Wet Bride, Lucky Bride!’, actually, with the bad weather that suddenly caught us that day, the celebration was in danger of not living up to expectations. When there are rough seas, in fact, holding a wedding reception on the beach is impossible!” Carmine and the staff of Bagni Tiberio, however, certainly did not give up: “What we decided to do to cope with the emergency was to take advantage of the location vertically instead of horizontally”; thus, unable to use the establishment, they moved the event to a villa located above the restaurant.


On the second floor of the new location, guests were treated to a typical wedding aperitif.

The buffet was rich, and to accompany it were the ideal drinks, spritz and prosecco. Dinner continued in the dining room, with two first courses, pasta and zucchini and seafood risotto, and a second course, salt fish with potato velouté and boiled vegetables. The evening ended on the villa terrace, where guests were able to dance and finally witness the cutting of the cake, a giant tart with mixed fruit. Despite the bad weather, the event was a success. “We are proud of how we managed to juggle this emergency, and we are overjoyed to have allowed this wonderful couple to experience an unforgettable day despite the adverse weather.”

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