Discover the sea of Capri
Discover the sea
of Capri

In the magical atmosphere of Bagni Tiberio, the ideal place to celebrate your love

What are the ingredients needed to make a special day unforgettable?

It’s a difficult recipe to define a priori; you need the right mix of impeccable organization, a dream location and, of course, a desire to have fun among good food, music and the beauty that only our Capri can offer.

Last September, Bagni Tiberio hosted a pre-wedding reception for a young couple from the USA. The guests were all British and American, enraptured by the enchanting opportunity to be able to spend a moment of conviviality with friends and family on one of Capri’s most beautiful beaches, chosen by the Emperor Tiberius to build his home there. Needless to say, for those from the United States, this location takes on an even greater fascination: admiring the splendor of the vestiges of an ancient civilization is not an everyday occurrence for those from the New World.

At the guests’ disposal was an entire wing of the establishment, reserved from ten o’clock until half past three. “What struck me most about how the event unfolded,” Carmine recalls, “was the guests’ great desire to have fun, though always with respect and politeness.” Highlight of the day was a DJ set and live performance by some saxophonists, invited by the couple. “Their music was so addictive that, at one point, in addition to the party guests, the other patrons of the restaurant also started dancing!

What made the day so special? It was the first daytime event hosted at Bagni Tiberio!

Generally, our location is preferred for organizing evenings. On that day, however, there was a truly magical atmosphere: the beach, the calm sea, that soft background music…a situation that other customers also appreciated.” The menu chosen reflected the informal atmosphere of the event, including various finger food appetizers and two first courses: pasta with zucchini and pasta with mussels, all prepared by the Bagni Tiberio kitchen.

In particular, thanks to pasta with zucchini, guests had the opportunity to enjoy a simple but appetizing dish typical of Nerano, a hamlet of Massa Lubrense on the Sorrento Peninsula, thanks to a recipe from Bagni Tiberio. Zucchini, cut into rounds and then fried, are heated with a little butter in a frying pan. Then the spaghetti are cooked in salted water and their cooking is finished along with the zucchini, with a handful of provolone del monaco cheese. The genuine taste of the zucchini, combined with the meltiness of the provolone cheese, could not help but win over the palates of the guests.

“Realizing this event was a great opportunity for us, because we realized once again how much the daytime hours enhance our location: the ruins and the Roman grotto create a picturesque setting, to say the least. The guests helped to liven up a place that typically hosts a target audience of families; it was so nice to get to know this new side of the Tiberius Baths, we will work to make sure that occasions like this come up again.”

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