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Bringing the taste of the Mediterranean to the table: the “pasta aumm aumm” of the Bagni Tiberio kitchen



The flavors of Mediterranean cuisine are famous all over the world. The nutritional values of its dishes are studied by luminaries in the field of health and wellness and are recognized as the basis of a better lifestyle and greater longevity. That is why, even in a hectic world like ours, it is important every now and then to stop, sit down at the table, and take care of yourself with a dish prepared with care and using the genuine products of our land.

At Bagni Tiberio you are sure to find all this. One of the tastiest and most tantalizing dishes on the menu is the “aumm aumm” pasta, a Sicilian pasta alla norma revisited by the Bagni Tiberio kitchen.

The original recipe for this dish is attributed to the city of Catania, so much so that it is the signature dish of Catania cuisine. Its name is believed by some to be a reference to Vincenzo Bellini’s opera of the same name, but it is not certain; for others, in fact, the term could be understood in the sense of a preparation made “to perfection.”

The basis of the version proposed by Bagni Tiberio is a sauce of fresh cherry tomatoes and basil to which, once the temperature rises in the pan, fried eggplant and chunks of mozzarella are added. Everything is allowed to cook and, about 1 1/2 minutes before the pasta is cooked al dente, it is combined with the sauce so that the mozzarella melts and the dish is stringy. Finally, we add basil to give fragrance to the dish.

It is an essential recipe, but one that is very successful among the customers of Bagni Tiberio. This is because with its simplicity it manages to convey the scents, flavors and colors of the Mediterranean. But, for this magic to happen, it is necessary to use top-quality ingredients: mozzarella di agerolaproveniente from the Lattari mountains, a true Campania gem; piennolo tomatoes; extra virgin olive oil from the Sorrento peninsula; and a fragrant basil, strictly km 0, from the garden of Bagni Tiberio.

Stefano D’Alessandro


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