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A cult dish of Neapolitan cuisine at Bagni Tiberio: spaghetti with clams


Sometimes in the kitchen, there is no need for articulate recipes to win over even the most demanding palates; on the contrary, simplicity is often an underestimated aspect, but one that is essential to bring out the freshness and authenticity of the ingredients.

The cuisine of Bagni Tiberio is founded on these assumptions: every day, the historic bathing establishment offers its customers a cuisine linked to tradition and the familiar flavors of home. Among the dishes on its menu therefore could not miss an excellence of Neapolitan cuisine: spaghetti with clams!

A Christmas delicacy but not only, this dish has very particular origins. If in fact it is possible to find references to the consumption of shellfish as early as the Greco-Roman period, the ancestors of spaghetti, the primordial Sicilian vermicelli, became increasingly popular in Amalfi and Naples towards the end of the 12th century. The moment when these two ingredients came together to generate this iconic dish of our culinary tradition is lost in history.

The Bagni Tiberio kitchen recipe starts with a base of slow-dried Gragnano pasta. In a frying pan, garlic and oil are sautéed, and then clams, washed in seawater without adding additional salt, are added. After that, simply deglaze with parsley, and the sauce is done!

Once the pasta has been lowered, 2 minutes before it reaches al dente, it is drained and added to the clam sauce; then it is stretched with salted water and left to stir for a couple of minutes so that the pasta drains the starch into the sauce. Finally, you serve it on a plate and add a further sprinkling of parsley.

A traditional Campanian recipe, as well as many others on the menu at Bagni Tiberio. A simple preparation for a dish that is very popular with customers and one of the best sellers ever. At the basis of this success is the quality of the products used, all strictly Italian: in particular, the veracious clams, with their typical sweet and delicate flavor. But there is also something else that makes Bagni Tiberio’s spaghetti e vongole so sought after: the love with which they are prepared, the care and attention that the establishment’s staff puts into cooking as well as into any other service offered to customers.

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