Discover the sea of Capri
Discover the sea
of Capri

Tradition in the kitchen of Bagni Tiberio

The goal is to make people feel at home, respecting the flavors of our land.

“If handing down the tradition means feeding a flame, at Bagni Tiberio we try, with our cuisine, to keep the fire of the millenary food and wine culture of Campania alight.

The kitchen is my mother’s kingdom; a role inherited from the women of the family, but above all a passion that has always distinguished her, and that she has decided to make available to the customers of the establishment. With our menu we pursue a single, simple goal: to make people feel at home, focusing more on quality than on image; they are all traditional Neapolitan recipes, not revisited, respecting the products and flavors of our land.

The dish that is the most popular are definitely Spaghetti with zucchini, a very simple dish, consisting of Provolone del Monaco, zucchini, creamy butter and a little Parmesan. The “fritto Tiberio” is also very popular: it includes rice arancina, potato croquettes, eggplant meatballs, breaded mozzarella, fried fiorillo and other delicacies. Still, another classic that cannot be missing in our kitchen are the famous Caprese ravioli, with caciotta, marjoram, egg and parmesan; or pillars of the maritime tradition such as spaghetti with clams or squid with potatoes. These are all dishes that testify to the rich food and wine culture, both in terms of products and recipes, which the Mediterranean diet has left us as a legacy.

Ours is a very accurate cuisine, especially in terms of the ingredients chosen; however, these are combined with extreme simplicity, because our aim is to please the palate, but always through dishes that recall the genuineness and authenticity that you would also find at home.

The choice of proposing traditional recipes derives, in addition to our attachment to this magnificent land, also from the primary need of customers, both Italians and foreigners: people from all over the world come here to discover the flavors of Neapolitan cuisine, and for us it is almost a mission to present them to him in the simplest and most genuine way possible “.


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