Discover the sea of Capri
Discover the sea
of Capri

The great legacy of the Tiberius Baths

The story of the responsibilities involved in managing an establishment that is also the testimony of the historical and cultural heritage of Capri

“The Bagni Tiberio are bearers of a millenary history. In Roman times, in fact, the Emperor Tiberius had chosen these beaches to swim in the crystalline waters of Capri, thanks to being one of the few sandy parts on an island consisting mainly of cliffs. The charm and splendor of these places were such already at the time that led him to have one of his villas built here, and today it is still one of the most popular beaches on Capri.

For us current managers of the establishment, dealing with such an inheritance is a considerable responsibility: it is the name of the establishment itself that reminds the customers who choose us, be they tourists or Capri, of this important story.

Many see the past of the Tiberius Baths as a great element of attraction; but, despite the advantages deriving from bearing this name, we always try to innovate, propose something new, also intercepting the needs of our customers. For example, every winter we think about what works to improve the environments we can undertake, what structural measures can benefit the plant, always trying to listen to those who frequent us every summer.

While this legacy is certainly a positive aspect for us, on the other it also entails enormous responsibilities: managing a structure like this is already a complex activity in itself, and we must be even more careful to be impeccable and not make mistakes, precisely because the Bagni Tiberio, thanks to the long history that accompanies them, reflect the image of Capri itself.

The history we carry is not really as well known as it deserves; perhaps it is even more foreign tourists who get information before coming to us, who follow us even in winter, thanks to our social channels and website. We, with our commitment, try to enhance this important piece of the history of Capri; in short, we could say that we do a double job, and that, in addition to a bathhouse, we also manage a site of historical interest that should be a real source of pride for the island “.


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