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The cuisine of Bagni Tiberio: an aspect that is anything but marginal

Let’s discover together which is the most popular dish and why customers like it so much.

Ever since Bagni Tiberio began its adventure, it has not been a simple bathing establishment; this is because we have always added catering to the more typical aspects of this type of activity. A side always taken care of with great attention, by people who poured all their passion into their work and aimed at the highest quality to satisfy customers.

Today this philosophy has not been lost at all; on the contrary, it continues to grow more and more, in a cuisine linked to tradition and to the familiar flavors of home. The dish that is most popular is definitely “Spaghetti alla Nerano”, a typical recipe from the Neapolitan tradition with zucchini, provolone del Monaco, butter and a bit of Parmesan cheese. A very simple dish, yet it manages to attract the sympathy of all our customers, who discover (or rediscover) in it the flavors of the traditional cuisine they are looking for when coming to our island.

And, perhaps, its success lies precisely in our ability to continue to offer it in the simplest and most genuine way possible: without changing the original recipe, without chasing after easy fashions to deceive tourists. Compliments come in abundance from customers; so much so that someone has come to tell us that our “Spaghetti alla Nerano” is even better than the ones you eat there, where this dish, according to tradition, was born…

We are very proud of these recognitions, but it is certainly not our goal to try to surpass others or to prove ourselves better than someone else. The only thing that counts for us is the positive feedback from people: their feedback is fundamental for us, because it is thanks to it that we can understand what we are doing wrong, to reflect on the margins for improvement; but, at the same time, it also allows us to understand what we are excelling at, and what choices we must continue to make in the daily management of the plant.


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