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The birth of an icon: the “graffe” of Bagni Tiberio

It all began with grandmother Margherita and aunt Maria, and they continue to conquer the customers of the establishment even today

“An icon is certainly not created overnight; it takes time for it to settle in everyone’s memory, for people to recognize it as representative of a place or an ideal. Even I can’t say when our “graffe” became an icon of Bagni Tiberio. They were born about forty years ago, thanks to my grandmother Margherita and my aunt Maria, at that time pastry chef of the establishment; and their talent in being able to make a fragrant, genuine and tasty product was undeniable.

It was my mother then to preserve this tradition, respecting the same techniques and timing of leavening, the dosage of ingredients, in short, leaving intact the original recipe that they had handed down to her.

In the same way, I would not even know how such a simple product could conquer the heart of so many people. I think one of the secrets is in their freshness: customers arrive early in the morning to enjoy the not too sunny beach and to eat the warm and fragrant “graffe” just out of the kitchen.

Another fundamental aspect is their genuineness: both in the choice of products, as well as in the techniques of preparation, our graffes stand out because they are a simple and natural product, light years away from the snacks and industrial snacks that crowd the shelves of supermarkets.

In order to give back to our customers the goodness and genuineness of a homemade product, in their preparation are faithfully respected the times they need: graffe in fact need a long leavening, only in this way the result can be the cake that is so successful among our customers. Finally, I believe that a determining factor is the heart we put into it: the same heart my grandmother used to put into it, she invented this recipe and brought it with love among the customers of the establishment. They still appreciate our graffe and book them even days in advance”.


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