Discover the sea of Capri
Discover the sea
of Capri

Unique events at Bagni Tiberio

A location where history and tradition are linked to a charming and welcoming place


There are moments in everyone’s life that are worth remembering. These moments remain etched in memory because they represent an important step in our lives, or because we live them with special people, that we want to carry in our hearts forever. But what makes these occasions unique are also the places where we decide to celebrate them.


Bagni Tiberio has always been a perfect location for events that you want to make unique. In fact, in its history the establishment has hosted weddings, birthdays, baptisms and much more. Every event that is celebrated by us, in addition to the excellent food of our kitchen, can take advantage of the family atmosphere of the place, able to put anyone at ease. In addition, there is the important cultural aspect of our location: the establishment is in fact located in a Roman ruin, a really beautiful place, with a suggestive past. I believe that the added value of celebrating an event at Bagni Tiberio lies in the fact that, here, tradition is combined with an evocative and welcoming location.

In the evening, for example, guests have the opportunity to stroll along the beach, admire the lights of the Bay of Naples, cross the illuminated Roman ruins… The experience we offer is that of a mix of history and culture, good food, family atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff who are always ready to give their clients an impeccable welcome.


It would be difficult to name one of the events held by us that stands out from the others, as every single occasion has been significant and special for those who have had the opportunity to participate. If we want to remember a particularly significant event, this summer Bagni Tiberio was the location of an American couple’s wedding, which took place on the platform in the middle of the sea. The location was decorated with a mix of pink and light blue sand as is their custom; then there was a sumptuous banquet, like any self-respecting wedding. It was a great experience for us, as we witnessed a very special ceremony, and they were particularly pleased with the hospitality we offered and, in general, with how they were welcomed on the island… Proving, in short, that such an event is also a great advertisement for Capri.

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