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Discover the sea
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Identikit: who is behind Bagni Tiberio?

Together with Carmine we trace the profiles of those who have made the history of the establishment

Behind every business there are always people who make projects, dreams and ambitions a concrete reality. In an activity such as Bagni Tiberio this is even more true: a place that has always rested on the shoulders of our family, whose members, while possessing specific personalities that make them unique, have all contributed, or still contribute, to making the establishment one of Capri’s most beloved.

I would like to begin telling you about them by starting with my great-grandmother, from whom everything began: a very precise woman, a true “organizer”, even in life; everything passed through her hands, and had to be under her vigilant control.

My grandfather Vittorio, who inherited the establishment, even if he was not involved in the management for a long time, gave a great contribution thanks to his personality: he was a very attentive person to hospitality, and even though he loved tourists, especially German and American ones, he was convinced that every person, whether a tourist or a native of Capri, should be given the same treatment.

My grandmother, on the other hand, was much more shy; she worked in the back of the kitchen, and with her passion for cooking she tried to make her guests feel good. Her reserve, however, was balanced by a great genuineness and humility, typical of those who were born from a poor family, and had to work hard every day to achieve their goals.

Then it was my parents’ turn. My mother started working in the factory when she was only 14 years old; she is a person who gives all of herself for her work, who goes out of her way to satisfy any request, even the strangest, that comes from the customers. This trait of his is recognized by everyone who visits the establishment, even in the kitchen, from which he always demands the best.

My father has a very shy nature, and perhaps that’s also why he prefers to work on the boats, an environment in which he is much more at ease. But hospitality is also fundamental to him, he always strives for perfection, he takes care of the maintenance of the place but also of the organization… in short, right now he is both the mind and the arm of Bagni Tiberio.

Finally, there are my wife and I, who are gradually following in the footsteps of those who came before us. Our intent is not to emulate them in every way, but to take the best of their legacy and apply it according to our personal vision of the establishment. Every day, in short, we work with passion and determination to make proud those who contributed to making Bagni Tiberio what it is today.


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