Discover the sea of Capri
Discover the sea
of Capri

Friendliness and dedication to customers: qualities that never go on vacation

There are many ways to find out about the latest news from Bagni Tiberio as the summer returns

At the end of the summer season, how does a bathing establishment keep in touch with its clients when it is forced to close its doors and wait for the return of summer? If the establishment in question has managed, through the professionalism and courtesy of its staff and the excellent services offered, to win over its clients, surely the latter will be eager to return to their favourite place as soon as the next vacations allow them to do so.

This is exactly what happens with Bagni Tiberio‘s clientele, who have plenty of ways to stay informed about what awaits them when the summer returns: from the website, which is always up to date with the latest news, to the Facebook page, on which many posts, with splendid images of the sea of Capri and the beach of Bagni Tiberio, remind followers that they will soon be able to return to enjoy those wonders of nature. The reactions of customers to the posts on social media are emblematic: lots of likes and positive reactions, while the most popular comments are: “We can’t wait to be there!“, or “We look forward to the reopening!“.

With the most loyal customers, the thread is even more direct: whatsapp messages, emails, the vocation for hospitality that distinguishes the De Martino family never goes on vacation. Their goal is to keep alive the relationships with those who frequent the establishment, so that they can return the following year to take advantage of the many services offered.

The affection of the clientele was felt even more strongly during the most serious moments of the pandemic. In particular from an international clientele, now regulars of the establishment: recurring tourists to Capri from the USA who, unable to come to the island because of the restrictions, called the establishment, eager to stay in touch, to return to taste the delicious Fritto Tiberio, but also to return to live moments of joy and light-heartedness in good company. In short, Bagni Tiberio was also an important point of contact for the island of Capri with the outside world, at a time when a very important part of the island’s tourism was lacking.


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