Discover the sea of Capri
Discover the sea
of Capri

Carmine De Martino and Bagni Tiberio: more than just work, it’s the passion of a lifetime

Hospitality and sustainability are the moral values of the owner of this beach resort in Capri.

Managing a family business means facing several challenges: like combining past and tradition with constant innovation and projecting their own ideals in the complexity of the modern world.

Stong personality and an open mind are the keys to achieve these goals and, if you get to know Carmine, you’ll see how passionate he is towards Bagni Tiberio, from the beach club to the wonderful restaurant on the sea.

After graduation at the commercial high school, Carmine decided to go to the university and got his degree in Economics and Business in 2007, acquiring useful and important skills for his future as a young entrepreneur.

He has always been attracted by the idea of managing Bagni Tiberio, historical beach club that is located on the favourite shores of the ancient roman emperors. He always loved the fact  that his ideas and his knowledge could be put into play.

As of today, he has transformed this historical location in a modern business, with high standards and great services for customers.

Being part of a business owning family, Carmine grows up with the idea that tourism is an essential  resource, especially in Capri, island that reawakens every year from spring to fall, thanks to the many tourists who come visit.

Carmine’s idea of tourism is different from the trend of the island: he thinks that all the beauties that Capri has to offer should not be taken advantage of but should be valued, in order to promote the territory and encourage visitors to come back every year and stay for longer periods. 

After the two years of suffering because of covid pandemic, tourism sector has recovered and in summer 2022 there has been a return to normality but it is now inevitable to think about the future and new business solutions.

Carmine’s idea is to limit mass tourism and to return to privilege a closer relationship with customers, spoling and putting them at the center of everything.

This means that is necessary having a long term vision, based on love for territory, abandoning the idea of just collecting money from people.

At Bagni Tiberio, informal relationship with customers in opposition to mass tourism, is a key aspect and might be even considered the real foundation of this family business.

Rest assured that all of this builds long-lasting memories in all the customers who arrive in Capri and make Bagni Tiberio their chosen destination to relax and feel like at home.

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