Discover the sea of Capri
Discover the sea
of Capri

Carmine recounts the dynamics that characterize the management of Capri’s historic establishment

“There are all kinds of families in the world. Ours, apart from always being one of those families, has had the strength and determination to work together and run an activity like Bagni Tiberio. Our story begins at the beginning of the 1900s, when my great-grandmother founded the beach club; since then, the members of the family have never stopped believing in this adventure, always giving their best so that this dream could go on.

After her, in fact, my grandfather took the reins of Bagni Tiberio, and now my father and I try to run it in the best possible way, innovating where necessary, but without betraying the original aspects of the typical Capri company that it once was.

In order to make this great machine work at its best, it has become indispensable for us to divide up the tasks, while also satisfying our interests and our inclinations: my father, for example, takes care of the boats in the sea and the restaurant hall, in addition to the fact that, being the owner, the final decision is always his; my mother, on the other hand, has chosen the kitchen as her kingdom; my wife takes care of the logistical matters relating to the establishment and the cash desk; finally, I manage the reservations, the relationships with suppliers and customers.

The collaboration and team spirit of our family has also become a model for our staff: we know that, just like a team, each member must play his part so that the work of all leads to the desired success. And so, over time, we ourselves have become like a big family, an “extended” family of about forty people, who work daily to ensure a service of excellence, marked by hospitality.

It’s useless to hide the fact that sometimes there are difficulties, but what counts is not knowing how to avoid problems, but rather how to react and overcome them. We always do this together, as one big family, in the knowledge that it is thanks to the work of each of us that the clients of Bagni Tiberio can be more and more satisfied every year with the services we offer.

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