Discover the sea of Capri
Discover the sea
of Capri

A passionate family at the helm of the beach club dedicated to Emperor Tiberius

Let’s discover together the faces who work at Capri’s historic beach club.


At Bagni Tiberio, the team combines the advantages of being a close-knit family with the professionalism of individuals: Carmine, his parents Giuseppe and Costanza, and his wife Daniela all play a key role in the establishment. We introduce them to you.


Giuseppe aka “Peppino” represents the history of Bagni Tiberio. Growing up in the establishment founded by his grandmother in the 1920s, from an early age Giuseppe breathed deeply the passion and dedication that his family pours into the business; and it was by observing his father at work in particular that he learned the art of hospitality and love of the sea, taking care of boat transportation for clients. Over time he became both the mastermind and the arm of Bagni Tiberio, taking care of the maintenance of the facility and the restaurant hall. Today, at 72 years old, she is still the backbone of the establishment, a point of reference for the rest of the staff and customers.


Costanza also began working at Bagni Tiberio very young, as soon as she met Giuseppe, first at the cashier’s desk, then in the dining room at the restaurant and finally in the kitchen. Today the kitchen is totally run by her and has become her kingdom, which she tends with love and total passion. At 65 years old, Costanza is truly the soul of the restaurant: her job is to keep the millennial food and wine culture of Campania alive with her dishes. Hers is a very carefully prepared cuisine, especially on the level of the ingredients chosen, juxtaposed with extreme simplicity to reproduce the genuineness and authenticity found on the table at home.


For Giuseppe and Costanza, this business does not just represent a place of work, but is a piece of their lives; that is why they take great care of its spaces and put their hearts into everything they do. The value of hospitality is what guides their every gesture: making those who pass through the beach club feel at home, as if they were at home, making them eat well … so that customers, once they leave the establishment, feel the desire to return and spend more pleasant moments at Bagni Tiberio.


Carmine, the son, has been attending the establishment since he was a child and, as soon as he finished his studies, he became a key part of its management. The idea of taking over the reins of Bagni Tiberio has fascinated him since he was a child: they represent both an opportunity to put his lifelong interest in entrepreneurship to good use and to have a dynamic job, where he can put himself to work in an all-round way.


Finally, Daniela, Carmine’s wife, has worked at the establishment for 14 years, taking care of the cash register and handling the administrative side. Bagni Tiberio was an “acquired family” for her, but she immediately felt welcomed and part of the project, in which exactly like the others she decided to invest so much. Together with her husband, they represent the new generation of the beach club and are working on the front of innovations, eager that the legacy left to them not only survives, but faces head-on the challenges that the future will bring.


In short, the whole family is strongly attached to Bagni Tiberio. For them, the beach club is first and foremost a piece of their heart, another member of the family; and this is reflected in the service offered to customers, who are made to share in the enthusiasm and passion of those who live their work every day with love.

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