Discover the sea of Capri
Discover the sea
of Capri

A boat tour to fully enjoy the wonders of Capri

Bagni Tiberio offer several tours for relaxation and fun

Capri’s sea is a magnificent and bewitching presence; like the Sirens who seduced Ulysses, it lures visitors to the island, who cannot help but bathe in its waters, or even just contemplate its splendid colors at sunset. 

There are many ways to experience the sea of Capri: one can admire it from the comfort of the shoreline, perhaps sipping a drink under a beach umbrella; or one can choose to appreciate it from the island’s marvelous viewpoints scattered along the picturesque paths that climb the sides of the “queen of rock,” an appellation given to her by the poet Pablo Neruda. But the best way to experience it is undoubtedly to enter it, pushing all the way out to sea, and thus end up completely surrounded by these splendid crystal-clear waters.

This is why Bagni Tiberio offers its customers and others experiential boat tours, a service that is the perfect complement to the already rich offer of the baths. The idea was born in 2013, almost for fun, after buying a gozzo, a typical boat of the Mediterranean seafaring tradition, with which Bagni Tiberio began to offer tours of the island by sea. With the purchase of the second boat, the service became more structured, offering a tour in full Capri style. The success of the idea eventually prompted the managers to perfect its booking system as well, making it convenient for users to access it through the Bagni Tiberio website as well.

These are informal tours in which participants can fully enjoy the beauty of Capri in a totally relaxed atmosphere. The most comprehensive tour lasts 4 hours and allows you to stop in various areas of the island; two types of boats are available, an 8-meter gozzo and a 10-meter lance, both guided by an experienced sailor and equipped with towels, drinks, masks and diving tubes; in short, everything you need to spend a very pleasant day. 

How does a boat tour of the Bagni Tiberio take place? 

Passengers embark from Marina Grande and, during the tour, they are told about the island among historical facts, curiosities and anecdotes. Many people ask to linger near the famous Blue Grotto, but the Bagni Tiberio staff also allows them to discover more niche places, perhaps less known to the general public, but equally magnificent on Capri. It is also possible to take advantage of the stops to take a dip in the island’s clear waters.

The user base is very diverse: while August is composed of mostly Italian tourists, in the other months there are many foreign visitors who take advantage of this great opportunity to get to know Capri in a different way. It is also possible to take advantage of a special package offered by the Bagni Tiberio that includes sunbeds, lunch at the restaurant and a tour of the island, for a day of total carefree enjoyment.  

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